Update: E-Pub versions of both books uploaded to iBooks


As of yesterday (20th October, 2016), both e-pub versions of the books were uploaded to Apple’s iBook system, within iTunes, for review and hopefully acceptance. If accepted, they will be available in approximately 30 days… just in time for Christmas party season !!

We are visiting another hosting platform, based in the UK this time, with which we plan to place them, too. There, they will be available for any reader than can handle e-Pubs, not just iPads or iPhones within the iTunes system.

Kindle uses an entirely different format, so that will come later.

For an idea of how Sexplained Books appear as e-Pubs, see this short video. (no sound)

Unwanted Valentine’s Day Surprises

Valentine’s Day – the day of love… but also a day on which a considerable number of people have unplanned, unprotected sex.

Don’t be one of them… Be prepared.

Know what to do, when, and how.

Sexplained Books have all the answers to do with all your questions, be they to do with contraception or sexual conditions/infections or just how to keep yourself or others safe – they are books for today, and for lifelong learning.

Another new title coming soon…

For those waiting to hear about publication of the next title, the long awaited update of Sexplained 2… For Young People will be going to the printer in the next few weeks. It will have a new title, since it’s been extended greatly and is as relevant for adults as it is, young people.


Watch this space…